Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hi there!

It's been a while since I wrote something here, I know.. So from the beginning.

I have my rides usually two times in a week for 2 h. It doesn't go very well, I have sooo much things to learn.. I have bad feelings about it all.

It's the last free month before my studies. I don't feel it yet but sometimes I just think it will be too hard. Ehh, we'll see...

Today I finished reading 'Sense and Sensibility' yeaaaahhh!! Freedom haha! I'm gonna watch the movie tonight. I can't wait to see it. Now it's time for 'The light beetwen oceans' book because it will be filmed soon and probably Michael Fassbender will be in the cast.. :))

Also, today is my 19th birthday.. The last 'teen'.. Eh. When has it flew by? And I have an account on Google and that's what it looks like today on my computer :D

On last Sunday my sister and I were at the Volleyball Men's Championships in Kraków Arena on the USA - BELGIUM and PUERTO RICO - FRANCE matches. It was SO awesome, I just can't describe. When I first came in and saw this enormous hall I thought I will start crying. But not, fortunately :D When the first match has ended Matthew Anderson came by to the crash barrieres... He gave his autographs, talked a little, took a photos... I haven't any picture with him, but of him, yes :D My sister has more of course :D Now I regret so so much that I didn't take my Canon with me.. Ughhrrrr. FORTUNATELY we took a lorgnette with us and it was such a great idea haha. We're going on the USA - FRANCE match on the Saturday so I'll take my camera for sure :D And lorgnette too because we have such creepy seats..

Here you have the pictures I took on my phone. The quality is horrible, I know.. I'll upload other ones from my sis' phone when I get them.

See ya!